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Media Focus

上市日期: 2018-05-10

A Letter to the National Distributor,  

from Mr.Yongqiang Lu, Chairman of FUJITECH

Sharing, exploring, and winning

To all the partners who have made the 'Fujitech' business: Hello everyone!

The Year of the Tiger is coming to Yangwei, I wish all of your dealer partners a great luck! Family music is well! The cause is more brilliant!

Looking back at 2009, you are working hard on the front line, working hard, fighting with each other, relying on sincerity and diligence; together we are in the same boat, with your support, 'Fujitech' has grown and developed; Fujitech Company sincerely thank you.

'Fujitech' is now like a youthful young man, and has achieved certain results. But more because of our lack of experience and ability, in the past work brought some confusion and dissatisfaction to dealer partners. For example: the time of product delivery; the importance of the quality of the product and the lack of speed; the feedback mechanism for the dealer partners is not smooth; the response to the market situation is not fast enough; support for dealer partners The strength is not enough for the system. The company apologizes for the inconvenience caused to the dealer partners due to the above reasons. In 2010, the company specially formulated a rectification plan, strengthened the construction of various departments, improved various systems, and introduced more scientific management methods and modern marketing systems. In order to maintain the fundamental interests of the dealers, the dealers are guaranteed normal market operations. The company is bound to go all out, and it will be perfected and perfected to create perfection. Because we know that your success determines our success!

In 2010, for the majority of dealer partners, it is a year that is full of opportunities and challenges. The demand in the market is increasing, and the competition in the market is intensifying; the tortuous road needs us to be united and united, and we must march forward with common beliefs.

The concept determines the direction, the way of thinking determines the way out, and the mind decides the scale. Here, we first analyze from the perspective of the market:

Judging from danger: From the perspective of upstream manufacturers, the sawing machine industry has entered the stage of brand development, and the competition among manufacturers has become increasingly fierce, from the simple price and product quality to the high value-added competition of brand and customer service. Customer procurement also tends to have higher brand awareness, good reputation, professional purchasing environment, professional consultants, and considerate after-sales service; it puts higher requirements on the marketing methods of manufacturers. At present, the distribution model of most manufacturers still stays in the traditional store supply and marketing mode. Most of the dealers themselves do not have professional and modern marketing awareness and knowledge, and the dealers lack the system support and comprehensive support. Guidance, facing the danger of being eliminated by market competition.

Secondly, China is now at an opportune time from the initial stage of industry to the intermediate stage of industry. A large number of manufacturers are replacing the original low-quality, old band sawing machines. Although manufacturers are still one of the important factors in the price of products, more people choose continuous professional services. This is the weak link of many current band sawing machine dealers; the deeper reason is that good service requires relatively complete internal system innovation and high-quality talent to protect, and many manufacturers do not have such a system. And support, guidance, and dealers lack awareness in this area.

Therefore, the current situation faced by dealers is not optimistic; in the past, a phone call asked for a price, a phone call asked for a hammer sale, no longer adapted to the needs of competition; low quality and low price competition is like A double-edged sword, the damage is the dealer's own development space, the damage is the long-term interests of the customer. However, is there a chance for the dealer? We say, no, on the contrary, opportunities are not without, but more and more, and because of our far-reaching strategies and courage and courage, the opportunity is before us. But the opportunity is only for those who are prepared.

In order to clarify the strategic thinking of the company and the distributors in the new era, in 2010, the company formulated a work policy based on “one center, two principles, and three adherences”. details as follows:

A center:

With the market as the center, we will launch a comprehensive quality supervision and innovation project to meet the needs of the target market and customers.

Two principles:

Adhering to the principle of customer satisfaction, the company will build an international-level marketing service platform based on the satisfaction of end-users, and create a 4S store marketing model for the sawing industry. It will include “Sale, Show, and After-sales”. Service (Service), spare parts (Sparepart) in one, to provide customers with one-stop service from pre-sale, sale, after-sale, etc. from selection, trial processing, training, installation and commissioning, maintenance and repair. Provide customers with greater than expected value.

The principle of unified CIS image is not only the unified image of 4S store, but also the support and guidance from the dealer partners in the process of exclusive store management, product sales, skill training, pre-sale, sale and after-sales service. To enhance the reputation of “Fujitech” brand, the company will also expand and strengthen the brand name of “Fujitech” through various media, advertising and public events.

Three insistences:

        Adhere to product quality is the lifeline of the enterprise;

        Adhere to an efficient and efficient service system;

        The relationship between persisting in cooperation with dealer partners and winning a win-win situation is unwavering.

The implementation of the above work guidelines is the focus of Fujitech's work in 2010, and is an important basis for realizing the company's joint venture with its distributor partners. To this end, the company called on all dealers to work closely together, make suggestions, and work together to create a platform for dealer partners and companies to develop together to achieve a win-win situation.

Finally, Fujitech's advice to dealer partners:

1. Establish a modern brand management concept and obtain long-term stable operating income and development space.

2. Actively cooperate with the company's brand marketing strategy, establish 4S specialty stores, and enhance professional marketing.

3. Strengthen the system construction of its own company, improve various management systems, improve the quality of the company's employees, and improve the service to customers.

Awareness and ability;

4. Active interaction with dealer partners and companies, exchange experiences, make suggestions, and grow together

5. Actively expand coverage of business areas and seize opportunities for development.

Fujitech, the stage of dreams, the gathering place of wealth. Let us open our hearts together, embrace a group, and drive faster and further on the wealthy train “Fujitech”.

                                March 1, 2010

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